Cutie Fruitie

Two weeks ago my mom and I threw a baby shower for my sister-in-law. Okay, my mom threw it and I came home two days before the shower to help out. Regardless, one of the things I was in charge of making was the fruit salad. It sounds like a pretty boring but tasty project, right?

Think again! Thanks to social media, we found the inspiration we needed to create an adorable fruit salad and to have a blast doing it.

ImageHave you ever seen such an adorable cantaloupe?

There were a lot of people coming to the shower, so my boyfriend helped me out and we made two salads.

This project was so easy.


Step One: Cut a watermelon at a 90 degree angle and hollow out the inside with a melon baller.

Step Two: Cut the skin off of a cantaloupe and shape as desired. The watermelons I used were a bit small, so I had to trim down the cantaloupes.

Step Three: Using toothpicks and your imagination, create your fruit baby’s face. Using the tip of a knife cut a whole into the cantaloupe and insert a pacifier.

Step Four: Placing the cantaloupe into the watermelon may require some thriftiness. The melon on the right sat perfectly inside the watermelon with only the assistance of a toothpick, while the one on on right needed a bit of a boost.


We used a chunk of watermelon. PS- Disregard the creepy raspberry eyes on the right… we were still in the creative stage.

Step Five: Fill the baby’s bed with watermelon balls and whatever fruits you like.

Step Six: To serve, place in the center of a tray covered with left over water melon (trust me, you’ll have left over watermelon) and extra fruits.


Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks for reading!



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