Pin Curls- All of the elegance, none of the damage

I probably own half a dozen gadgets for curling hair. I’ve got two curling wands, hot rollers, a traditional curling iron, a 3 barrel crimper, and a new gizmo that’s basically a hair curling robot… I like to have options, but sometimes it’s nice to do things the old fashioned way.

Recently I sang in the chorus of an opera in Portland, OR, and I had to wear a wig as part of my costume. My long hair was transformed into a sleek bob 4 nights a week last month, and fitting my massive hair into my wig each night required me to master the art of pin curls. At first I thought doing my hair pre-show was going to be a big hassle, but the pin curls were so easy to do that I was soon fast enough to pin all of my hair up in about 10 minutes. What’s more is that at the end of each show, I left the theater with great old-hollywood style hair.

Here’s a simple how-to:

Step One: Section off hair in 1- 1.5 square inch piece. Holding two fingers near your scalp, wrap section of hair around your fingers.





Step Two: With your free hand, pinch the hair and slide it off of your fingers, while holding the wrapped hair in place. Lay wrapped hair flat against scalp and pin into place with crisscrossed bobby pins.



Step Three: Continue step 2 until all hair is pinned up. Hair spray and then go to bed or tie a cute scarf around your hair for 4+ hours.




Step Four: Remove pins and gently run fingers through hair to loosen the curls.




Enjoy your heat-free curls! As always, let me know if you have any questions and thanks for reading!



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